Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of photography do you do?

I specialize in three very specific types of photography. Lifestyle/Editorial.  Contemporary glamour.  And high school seniors.  If you are looking for something outside of those specialties, feel free to contact me and I will refer you if possible.  


What is lifestyle/editorial photography?

I believe that moments are just stories waiting to be told.  Lifestyle/editorial sessions are all about storytelling.   Prior to your shoot we will meet to discuss ideas and map out a session that is custom to you.  On the day of your shoot you can expect me to photograph things you love doing now.  So for example, if you and your significant other love to cuddle on the couch together, we may get pictures of that.  Or if you have kids, and you love to read with them, a little book-reading might be on the agenda.  I will take some posed photographs and do some directing, but mostly I prefer to let moments unfold as naturally as possible. 


What is contemporary glamour photography?

Contemporary glamour portraiture is a special portrait experience custom designed for women.  Some women choose to enjoy the experience on their own, while others share it with close friends, moms or sisters.  On the day of your shoot you can expect to be pampered with professional hair and makeup and a modern fashion magazine-inspired photo shoot that will include different lighting, sets and outfits to achieve multiple looks.  Your pictures from our session will be beautiful because they will capture you.   


How much do you charge for your sessions?

Lifestyle/editorial and contemporary glamour sessions start at $125.  Senior sessions are $180.  Print/product is sold separately.  There is no minimum purchase requirement.


What kinds of products do you offer?

I offer a range of beautiful professional products including lustre prints, canvases and custom cards.  For lifestyle/editorial sessions I also offer custom albums.  For contemporary glamour sessions I offer high-end folios with matted prints.  If we meet to discuss a personalized session, I will bring samples with me for you to look over.  


I am interested in your work.  But how do I get more details?

Email/FB messaging is the best way to get in touch with me. I do my best to respond to emails within 48 hours.  I have detailed information that I can send you regarding the specific type of photography you are interested in.  After reviewing session info, many people choose to meet with me in-person to ask questions and plan a personalized session.  


Do you have payment plans?

Yes.  I am willing work with you to customize a payment plan.  I also have experience bartering with some clients.  If you have goods/services and would like to discuss the possibility of an exchange please mention that in a message to me.  


How far in advance should I plan my session?

I am a photographer who puts her heart and passion into every image I deliver.  I love every piece that goes into a session, from the first consultation to delivery of final product.  Much of the work I put into your session will be spent on a computer finalizing images and preparing a presentation for you. I am also a wife and mother and value my time with my family.  I don't want to compromise the quality of my photography, your experience or steal from the time I have with my husband and babies.  For those reasons, I schedule a very limited number of sessions per month. Planning in advance is never a bad idea!


Do you have a studio?

No.  The majority of the work I do is on-location.  For contemporary glamour sessions I am currently working out of my home.  In the future, I would like to set up a studio to enhance the glamour experience.  So I guess if you are someone with empty studio space in or around Othello, please let me know!