My name is Janell.  I live the glamorous life of being a stay-at-home mom to 4 littles in a small town.  I love it. I love my amazingly kind husband.  I love Jesus.  I like pretty little things and any movie with Cary Grant. 

My home is full of pictures and my favorite ones are the ones that capture real emotions. Time speeds by, especially when you have a lot of things (or people) grabbing for your attention.  But every time I look at the photos in my "pretty room" I remember stories and the feelings that come with them... I love surrounding my home with memories and I love being able to provide the same gift to my clients. I believe every life has a story worth telling.  Each photo is sacred to the people I capture them for and because of that, they are incredibly special to me.  

In addition to capturing memories, I also have a strong passion for photographing women in a timeless way.  I believe every woman is beautiful.  My educational/professional background is counseling psychology and advocacy for women. The contemporary glamour sessions I do today allow me to encourage women in a profound way through both the experience of a shoot and in the final images that are presented.  Women choose to invest in a contemporary glamour shoot for various reasons. But my biggest motivation in doing contemporary glamour work is to give women the gift of seeing themselves with love and grace.